We support you from design to go-live

Strategic Design

  • Logistics business audits and strategic advice
  • Strategic supply chain network (re)design
  • Masterplan: definition of future macro layout of the site (production / warehouse / administration)
  • Make or buy decisions and the selection of the optimal outsourcing partner


Tactical & Operational Design

  • Logistics audits
  • Warehouse concept or DC concept (distribution and/or production)
  • Define the appropriate picking strategy
  • Layout or re-layout and optimisation of the warehouse and/or production operations
  • Process control through KPIs, data capture and remote monitoring
  • Selection and implementation of a Warehouse Management System (WMS)
  • Sizing and selection of logistics automation
  • Safety and set up of safety rules in a warehouse environment
  • Production supply techniques
  • Lean warehousing
  • Inventory management and stock reduction
  • Transport optimisation
  • E-warehousing



  • Engineering and project management of logistics projects
  • Selection and training of staff
  • Relocation and start-up
  • Operational interim management