About Logflow


Logflow was founded in 2000 by Eric Vandenbussche (CEO). Today Logflow can look back on an impressive reference list  of projects for small, medium and large enterprises, and this for the most diverse industries and products. The high customer appreciation, as proven by quality labels and recognition by various governmental agencies, is a testimony to the professionalism of the services provided. Our goal is to satisfy customers and to create with them beautiful projects from design to go-live.




Logflow represents a team of engineers that combines the logistics theoretical knowledge with the necessary operational expertise. We master warehouse operations very well and can therefore offer practically based solutions. Passion for logistics is our driving force and the cement of our organisation. Standing still is going backwards, we consider it our duty to play a pioneering role in logistics. This results in innovative projects. As a team, we master the entire logistics, the hard automation and IT automation.




Logflow operates on a "no-nonsense" based business philosophy, practical advice is our mission. We speak the language of the customer, rather than three letter words. No thick books, or hot air, but creative solutions with return on investment. See us as a trusted advisor, logistics architect, who can help you choose the right logistics solution. We like an open and direct communication style with fresh new ideas as a result.

The logo symbolises our approach: the contemporary Egyptian Horus eye stands for the search for the hidden in the flow of goods from which the optimal logistics solution is distilled. We therefore make a detailed study based on facts and figures before we formulate recommendations. We believe in a good layout study, which can prevent important investments in automation. Logflow developed its own methodology for solving supply chain issues. 


Every employee is educated and trained in this unique approach. This allows employees to smoothly and efficiently collaborate on one or more projects or project phases. In other words: we deliberately choose not to work with freelancers, as this is not in line with our strategy, approach and business ethics.

We are convinced that we first must organize and then start to automate, and that the latter will only be successful if there is sufficient independence in respect to suppliers. This independence should culminate in the right logistics solution: manual, semi-manual or fully automatic. Facts & figures must objectify the right choice. Gut feelings are out of the question. For us it is important to first develop a logistics vision and a logistics concept before discussing with architects and suppliers. We are convinced that new logistics solutions require changes within your company and we will help you to accomplish this transformation (change management). We do not only give advice, we will also implement our solutions on customer demand. We work process-oriented, i.e. we consider each company as unique with its own characteristics and external factors. We analyse the process and offer targeted solutions. The process is made up of resources, people, methods, and materials. We do not believe in the fact that only technological solutions can provide an effective process. Logflow looks at the big picture, horizontal and vertical.

We believe in  auditing your operation that is performed bottom up. Starting with material flow analysis and ending with financial data and not vice versa. This seems odd, but it does provide a completely different view on the matter with surprising results and innovative logistics solutions as a result. The above ensures that Logflow has its own image and approach, and only one main objective: customer satisfaction as the drive behind our growth and success.