4. Which personal data do we process and for what purposes?

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4.1. Our business relations

The business relations are our customers, prospects and suppliers.

Logflow processes the personal data of those who work for companies with which business is done. The aim for this processing is to provide information about the products and services and to maintain business relationships.

To contact you and to identify you, we process the following information for our customer and supplier management: name, first name, gender, telephone number, mobile phone number, language, e-mail address.

To better serve you in our business relationship: your hobbies and interests.

4.2. Our prospects

Our potential new customers are interested in services. Logflow is a specialist in warehousing and supply chain optimization. The potential new customers have therefore shown their interest in our offer. Logflow wishes to keep them informed of these services. To communicate with them, we process the following personal data: name, first name, telephone and / or mobile phone number and e-mail address.

4.3. Personal data via third parties

We may also receive personal data via third parties, for example by purchasing them from companies. Those companies are responsible for ensuring that the personal data concerned are collected in a legal way.

4.4. Images from surveillance cameras are stored temporarily

We can use cameras in and around our buildings. When it comes to surveillance cameras, we respect the legal rules. You recognize the buildings under camera surveillance by a clearly visible sticker.

Image recordings are saved for up to 30 days. Exceptions are:

• if the recorded images are useful to prove a crime or nuisance

• proof of damage

• identify a perpetrator, a witness or a victim

4.5. Cookies

Logflow uses cookies on the website www.logflow.be. These are small information files that are stored on the device you use to visit our website, such as a computer, tablet, or smartphone. When we refer to "cookies," we also mean other similar techniques. Cookies enable us to recognize your web browser, which is convenient because it means you don't have to repeatedly enter your information, indicate preferences, or adjust settings. This allows us to improve the functioning of our website, gain insights into visitor behavior on the website, and allow other parties to gain insights into your browsing behavior in order to display personalized advertisements.

Cookies do not compromise the security of your computer.

We use functional, analytical, and marketing cookies. With the exception of functional cookies (necessary for the proper functioning of our website), we ask for your consent before placing these small information files. For more information on the cookies we use, how long we store them, and how you can manage them, please refer to our cookie policy.

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