Logflow & Dassy win the Project of the Year Award !

Logflow & Dassy win the Project of the Year Award !

We are delighted the jury also noticed how unique the Dassy professional workwear story is. Or how an SME evolves into a state-of-the-art automated distribution centre in 10 years' time. And this without destroying capital in the various phases!

A wonderful example of how LOGFLOW guides and supports a customer from the start of the ➡️ finish line.

Dassy teamwork combined with LOGFLOW teamwork, started with the insourcing of a small-scale operation, mature & ready for future expansion.

Praise for the entire Dassy professional workwear team, pat on the back for the many LOGFLOW employees such as Eric Vandenbussche, Sylvie Sepot, Geert Cosyn and Kris Planckaert who have turned this story into a success story.

Congratulations Amelie Derere for the courage in entrepreneurship.

Thank you Nico & Hanne for the pleasant cooperation.

See below to watch a recap of this memorable evening!





Geplaatst op: 28.04.2022
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