Logflow & Poco Loco finalist for Supply Chain Award 2018

Logflow & Poco Loco finalist for Supply Chain Award 2018

Logflow and Snack Foods Poco Loco are one of the finalists for 'Project of the Year'. Together, we shaped the future.
Our project 'New Lean and Green Highbay Warehouse for Poco Loco' is nominated for Project of the year! 

At the basis of this high-bay warehouse lies a strategic network study where Logflow evaluated various alternative setups for the Poco Loco distribution network. This exercise proved to Poco Loco that the set up of a centered distribution for finished products should be at one central automated distribution centre. The available area of ​​6.7 ha on the opposite side of the current production site in Roeselare was an ideal operating base. In this way, Poco Loco is eliminating the current shuttle transportation costs to the various external warehouses.This will save around 25,000 truck movements per year.

In the next phase Logflow drew up the functional specifications for this new high-bay warehouse.
During the entire selection process Logflow guided Poco Loco in order to continuously monitor all the functional requirements, the proposed timing and the investment budget.

Finally, Dematic (Egemin) was selected as the supplier of the warehouse infrastructure. 11 fully automatic cranes are responsible for the entry and removal of the pallets at the high-bay with a height of 43 meters. In a first phase, the plant has a capacity of 43,000 pallets, at a later stage it will be possible to expand up to 60,000 pallet places.
The architectural office Partners from Ghent was in charge of the engineering coordination. 

This project was a nice example of teamwork with a company that has a powerfull vision! 

With the Supply Chain Awards, VIB and PICS Belgium aim to bring supply chain projects under the attention of management and executives in Belgian companies and government organizations.
The winner(s) of this Supply Chain Award-Project of the Year 2018 (The Crystal Edition) will be announced during a festive Gala Award Event. This event is attended annually by more than 500 supply chain professionals.

This year, the Gala Award Event took place on 20 November 2018 at the Kinepolis Business Center in Antwerp.
More informationabout the award event can be found here: https://www.supplychainaward.be 
Congratulations to the laureates! 

More information about the 'Case Poco Loco' can be found here: https://www.valuechain.be/nl/nieuws/detail/6239/mexicaanse-snacks-op-snelheid 

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