A new high-bay warehouse for Poco Loco

A new high-bay warehouse for Poco Loco

 In the evening of Friday 26 January, Poco Loco officially opened its new fully automated high-bay warehouse.

At the basis of this high-bay warehouse lies a strategic network study where Logflow evaluated various alternative setups for the Poco Loco distribution network. This exercise proved to Poco Loco that the set up of a distribution centered for finished products should be one central in-house automated distribution centre. The available area of ​​6.7 ha on the opposite side of the access road to the current production site along the Rumbeekse Gravier in Roeselare was this an ideal base. In this way, Poco Loco was eliminating the current shuttle transportation costs to the various external warehouses which currently takes place the storage of finished products. Only the frozen end product will be stocked soon even externally.

In the next phase Logflow drew up the functional specifications that Poco Loco has been looking for a possible supplier of this new high-bay warehouse.
During the entire selection process Logflow Poco Loco guides so that all functional requirements, the proposed timing and the investment budget were continuously monitored.

Finally, Dematic (Egemin) was selected as the supplier of the warehouse infrastructure. 11 fully automatic cranes are responsible for the entry and removal of the pallets at the high-bay with a height of 43 meters. In a first phase, the plant has a capacity of 43,000 pallets, at a later stage it is possible to expand up to 60,000 pallet places.
The architectural office Partners from Ghent was in charge of the engineering coordination. 

This project was a nice example of teamwork with a company that has a powerfull vision! 

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