The power of a master plan

Mydibel realizes its long-term strategy

Mydibel realizes its long-term strategy

Mydibel realizes its long-term strategy

The Mydibel Group is a family business specializing since 1988 in the development, production and commercialization of potato products: including fresh (fries), frozen (fries and puree specialities) and dehydrated (flakes and granules) products. It processes daily approximately 2,000 tons of potatoes and sells about 225,000 tons of finished products per year.

Realisations in this project

On the basis of all information and recommendations, the masterplan was formulated. The masterplan provided a number of important measures that the organization had to follow in the next ten years, at both micro and macro levels. It indicated which automation steps had to be set up to avoid problems in the long term. In addition, the masterplan indicated which applications in the field of IT had to be implemented in order to manage the predicted growth:
Warehouse audit
Master plan
Production concept
Optimization warehouse

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Over the last decade, Mydibel has undergone an impressive change: a well-founded sequence of a number of strategic moves. The icing on the cake was the realization of a fully automated high-bay warehouse in Mouscron. The roadmap for that growth was the master plan that Logflow worked out ten years ago.