Henk Deloof is commercial director at Logflow

Written on 19/01/17 by Eric Vandenbussche

The appointment of Henk Deloof as commercial director is part of the ambitious growth of Logflow.

Henk Deloof was previously active as a commercial manager at Egemin, an automation company in Zwijndrecht that is part of the Kion Group (Still, Linde, Dematic ...). Logflow, as an independent consulting company with a strong focus on automation in the warehouse world and the logistics in general, can perfectly fit the rich experience of Henk Deloof.

The three pillars of Logflow are logistics, IT and automation. With a rapidly evolving market and technology it is sometimes difficult for companies to stay up to date, both in terms of logistics processes and in terms of technology. The Logflow team can offer its customers an independent platform where they ask all their logistics questions. Logflow is already firmly anchored in the West and East Flanders region, but also wants to offer its skills in other regions. In addition to the development of the recently opened office in Zandhoven there are already plans towards Wallonia and France.

Logflow was founded in 2000 by Eric Vandenbussche. After 11 years of being responsible for all tasks, he went decisively for growth in 2011. Logflow is now known as a team of engineers that combines logistics knowledge with the necessary operational expertise. Passion for logistics is their driving force and the cement of the organisation. Standing still is going backwards. Therefore Logflow will continue to play a pioneering role in the logistics landscape. We are convinced that we first must organise and then start to automate, and that the latter will only be successful if there is sufficient independence in respect to suppliers. This independence should culminate in the right logistics solution: manually, semi-manual or fully automatic.

It is therefore logical that both parties have come together in this ambitious story.

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